Premium Indicators

We provide premium trading indicators, that help to take better trading and investing decisions, and become a profitable trader or diversify your trading strategies. We create these indicators for the most commonly used platforms, Metatrader 4 and 5. To install these indicators you need to open a broker account and download the Metatrader platform in the broker site.

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  • Clever Breaker MM Zones


    Complete breaker market maker Key zones indicator, It provides precise zones where could be an excellent break or reversal opportunity.

  • Clever Order Blocks


    This indicator points out zones in which, with a high probability, institutional orders with the potential to change the price’s direction and keep moving towards it, have been placed.

  • Clever TDI Pro Signals


    The indicator shows the TDI indicator in a separate window, and with the RSI component, the indicator finds possible divergences with M or W patterns.