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Our discord community has a specific channel that suits every need, and every interest. If you are interested on getting access to highlights on how to use our indicators or strategies to your best advantage, choose one of the below options.


1How do I install Clever Trading Club indicators' on my Metatrader 4/5 platform?
Please refer to our article that details the process step by step HERE
2If I have any issue with an indicator or strategy I've purchased, how can I resolve it?
You can contact us in our official discord channel, where we give you access to premium support channels, as long as you send prior your indicator's purchase ticket.
3I do not know how to use the indicator. Can I find a guide or manual?
Yes, we've created a guide-post for every indicator we've published. You can consult each of them here in our Discord Channel, and also you can access either our public or private channels, where we: share live uses of the indicators, offer templates or configure them on specific assets.